For when your room needs a quick spritz of fragrance, these powerful little sprays are the perfect solution.

They are especially great for areas that might not suit a candle ie small bathrooms, litter trays or that cupboard under the stairs with all of the shoes...

Our room sprays are created with perfumers alcohol to ensure that no greasy residue is left on your furniture or floors.

A great way to freshen your car without the risk of leaking diffusers or over powering car fresheners. 

A message from the owner


Occassionally we get feedback from customers that you've found other ways to make use of your purchases and with the room & car spray we've frequently been told that many of you have chosen to wear your fragrance as a perfume.

While perfumers alcohol will not stain your clothes, we cant guarantee that from some of the darker fragrance oils so please  take this into consideration before spraying your brand new top.

We have not had these sprays cosmetically tested so we dont recommend using the sprays directly on your skin.


When we feel the urge to wear any of our fragrances then we spray the scent onto our scarves or outer wear and generally find that we can still smell it several wears later .