At Inara Candles, we’ve been offering people the opportunity to earn additional income by promoting our highly scented home & car fragrance products for more than 3 years. 

 Currently, we have opportunities for more to join our team and we're looking for people with a passion for fragrances.

  . Work from home, in your own time – there’s no pressure! You work as much or as little as you like.

We offer the opportunity to join our network online, face to face or a mixture of both methods. 

No Signup Fee. No Contracts - No Monthly targets & No Experience necessary.



 We let our Reps decide how they wish to promote our items - this can be face to face, online only or a mixture of both.
For those who wish to only promote the items online, a code is given out for them to place orders online for stock. When this code is used, their commission is deducted from the final balance so that the reps have these earnings immediately. 

For those who choose to promote our items face to face, they can opt to take on a sample box. This box contains one pot of each scent which can be loaned out to friends and family members, colleagues and other contacts. This allows their contacts to have a smell of the different items ahead of ordering with the Rep. 

I charge £40 as a deposit for the sample box. Should the Rep ever decide they no longer want to be a Rep, they can get that £40 back by giving back the sample box. 


 20%is earned right from the 1st £1 in orders you take til £200 in a month.

If you hit £200 in orders then is changes to the 25% commission.

This value ups again if you hit £400 of orders to 30%.

Your commission rating applies to every penny you've ordered so if you ordered £405 in a month then you'd get the 30% on it all not just on the final £205.

We also have Reps who choose to donate their earnings directly to charities close to their heart and recieve a portion of their earnings as free Inara goodies instead - we are happy to accommodate if this better suits your needs.