Introducing the product that's been selling out so quickly after we make them that we haven't yet managed to set aside any to put onto our website until now. 

Each wee pouch weighs around 25g and contains little fragrance filled beads and salts combined in a way that's optimised for maximum scent throw. Each bag will offer weeks of fragrance and is easily topped up by spraying them with the corresponding room sprays.

Haven't figured out where to pop your radiate pouch yet ? Check out some of these customer submitted suggestions below. 

"use as a car freshener, throw it in your gym bag to eliminate odours, pop it in the nappy bag to keep it smelling fresh, hang it in the wardrobe, place one in your clothes drawers, dangle it in your jacket & shoe storage area, leave one in the guest bathroom or en suite, hang it at the front door..."

So whether you decide to use it to mask the smell of burnt cooking or cat litter trays in your home or you decide to hang them at your store or salon entrance to make a great first impression to your customers, we're sure you'll be happy with the scent radiating from these small but powerful pouches.


One of our customers reached out to us and asked for help to raise funds to buy tracksuits for this new season for his local under 16's football team - Campsie FC.

We have taken on the task of getting these boys set up for the new season and we're looking to raise £650 to get them all kitted up.

We're aiming to do this by donating 50p from every single bag sold online and in person from each one of our events.


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