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A Wee Gift Of Pocket Positivity

A Wee Gift Of Pocket Positivity

Another one inspired by a stunning area of Italy , this time the costal village of Portofino.  Orange Blossom , Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Jasmine, Angelica and Ambrette. As pretty as those ingredients sound is as intriguing as this scent smells.

Interesting Fact: Neroli oil has been widely used to improve spiritual and emotional well being. We use synthetic Neroli oil as Neroli essential oil has not been proven to be absolutely safe for pregnant woman to inhale. Even so, synthetic Neroli oil have been shown to have mood enhancing and anti depressent impacts

This 50ml room & car spray comes in a glass bottle with atomiser to provide a quick refresh and long lasting scent of wherever you use it.

It is non greasy and won't leave a film where sprayed.

As with all of our products, our room sprays are vegan friendly

Neroli & Jasmine - Room & Car Spray




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