A beautifully presented scented hand soap & lotion set is the perfect way to add some luxury to any bathroom.

Both the smooth wash & creamy lotion leave your hands soft but non greasy. They have a delightful fragrance which follows the user and is bound to make quite an impression on your guests.

We've opted for plastic bottles rather than glass to make them safe for small hands.

We would like to warn you however, that the 300ml will last you so long that it'll be a while before you get to choose your next order , so choose wisely


If ordering a set of the wash & lotion together a discount will automatically apply

Make sure to pick the items as the set instead of adding separately to receive this discount.

A message from the owner


As all of the products we create at inara candles are vegan it means that we can confirm that our products are free of the following ingredients.

Lanolin - lanolin is a product collected from sheep’s wool once sheared. Lanolin is very effective at moisturising your skin however it’s also mildly comedogenic. If you’re prone to breakouts, this is not something you want to put on your skin. Some individuals may also develop allergic reactions to this product

Gelatine - we're not going to say where this comes from but it can commonly be found hiding in gels and treatments. By not including this product in our items we are halal & koser friendly.

Estrogen -also listed as estradiol this hormone-based can be found in most perfumes, restorative creams or lotions. Estrogen is obtained by extracting urine from pregnant horses. (yuck? We agree.)

Ambergris - it may seem unbelievable, but this ingredient is derived from the waxy oil that lines whale’s stomachs. Surprisingly enough, this oil substance is used to make the scent “set” in perfumes

Afterall, beauty shouldn't hurt you, or anyone else