Hey all. Over here at Inara Candles Ltd we are always needing products tested to find out what exactly is the best products to offer you. Whether it's a brand new product we are thinking of launching or simply a new formulation of a scent, we have items every single month that we need feedback on. 

To get your hands on products either free or heavily discounted to test for us, all we ask is that you will agree to send us open and honest feedback on the items you've received. Thats right - totally honest feedback. As much as we love flattery, we actually do want to hear when a product is rubbish too. 


We will be adding a click box at check out for you to select from our list of available testing options to be added in at checkout when you place your order. 

In the meantime we have a group set up on Facebook that's al

ready given away more than 300 products for testing and you are more than welcome to join via the link below.