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How Can I Take Best Care Of My Candle?

Keep wick centered and trimmed to ¼’’ at all times
Burn candle within sight at all times
Keep out of the reach of children and pets
Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire
Remove all packaging before burning
Place on temperature safe surface to avoid heat damage
Keep away from drafts
Keep wax pool free of debris
Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time
Discontinue use when ¼’’ of wax remains
Do not use water or any other liquid to extinguish your candle 

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What Should I Do If I'm Experiencing Soot From My Candle?

Excess soot from a candle is a sign of incomplete combustion of the cotton wicks. Usually making sure to trim your wicks to 1/4'' before each lighting of your candle is enough to stop any soot from being produced.

If you are still experiencing excess sooting, please trim your wick to 1/8’’
Move candle away from any vents, fans, or air drafts
Make sure you are not burning your candle longer than the recommended time of 3-4 hours

If you notice any soot on the inside of your glass, a simple spritz of your favourite Inara room spray on a cloth will remove this and will have your candle ready to enjoy again

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How Do I Stop My Candle From Tunnelling?

Tunneling is usually a result of not burning your candle for long enough for the melt pool to reach the glass. The first burn is the most important.

Please burn your candle 2-3 times and make sure each burn time is in increments of 3-4 hours to allow wax to pool around the edges of the candle.

If tunneling happens, proceed to burn in 3-4 increments until candle self-corrects. If you are left with any wax once your candle is finished, scoop it out and pop it into a wax melt burner to enjoy the last of your fragrance.